Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 things i think about all day, everyday

1. cute couples: having a Tumblr makes me see a whole lot of couples. couple videos, couple pictures, couple quotes, couples everywhere. i take pictures of everything and watch the videos of cute couples daily. so dang cute. yeah i mean everyone wants a boyfriend. who doesn't? that is not what high school is all about though. i decided to just wait for the right guy. which probably won't come until after graduation. this is not to say i haven't had some high school relationships. cause i have. plenty of them. some i have obviously liked more than others. some i ended, some he has ended. i'm even hoping for maybe some more since i'm like halfway done with high school? we will see. plus i think it is nice to date around while in high school get a good perspective of who i want as a husband. which brings me to number 2

2. my future with my husband: this should definitely be number one. this gets me through EVERY single day. sometimes i honestly can't fall asleep at night because i just think about all the fun things we will do together! i have lists and lists in my phone about all the fun things we will do and all the places we will make out.... and stuff like that {wink wink} not trying to be too TMI-ish i just like to think about my future is all :) my husband and i are going to be the cutest thing out there. look out!

3. being married in the temple: it literally is all i want in life. to have a beautiful marriage in the temple with my true love. the temple is what i look too and it is where i want to go one day. i can't wait for that day

i can't wait to be married

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  1. hi you are the cutest. think about your future husband all you want. he will turn out totally different :)