Friday, January 6, 2012

cousins in Utah. again

my 2 favorite times of year. when i see my cousins in the summer, and when i see my cousins in the winter. i was lucky enough to see them for a whole month this summer! they were down here for 2 weeks {see HERE and HERE} and we were up in Seattle for 2 weeks {see HERE, HERE and HERE} + Briana and Mackenzie visited Lex, Mia, and i in November! {see HERE} wow i just love them.

anywayyysss, this was quite the great Christmas break with them. they decided to fly this time, so we had 2 more days with them than we usually do! they arrived at 2 on Monday the 26 {the day after Christmas} we basically partied all day. everyday. we went shopping, eating out, gym time, watching movies, going to do baptisms at the temple, attend family parties, more movies, more eating out, and MORE.

Tuesday we went to the BYU basketball game
Wednesday, Brick Oven. a yearly winter time tradition
here is some of the extended family eating dinner. we do that a lot. {eat, i mean} + that night we opened exchange presents! i got myself a Twilight bracelet. that's right. Bella's bracelet! with the werewolf AND crystal gem charms. trust me, i love it. i wear it everyday :) {thanks to Michelle for picking it out! and thanks to Ali for giving it to me}
driving to one of the many places we ate out at that week. poor Lex wasn't included in this picture since she was working. luckily she was still at every place we ate at! thank heavens for lunch breaks right? right.
here we are, eating our slushies, at the White Elephant party. another yearly tradition in the Gillespie family. we get laughing HARD every single year! love my family and their sense of humor. so much
as i mentioned HERE, the cousins and i got fancied for New Years Eve
{Hanni also joined!} and here we are at the fancy dancy partay!
the last day. Monday. doing last minute shopping, movie watching, and eating {of course} not kidding. i think we watched 15 movies in that week. + 2 dollar movies. we love movies!
oh how i will MISS them so much. crossing my fingers that i will see them in April! XO

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