Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 random pictures

1) the Salt Lake City Temple - i was up at temple square last Sunday night for the '100 Years of Seminary' broadcast with mom + dad + Malia. it was a wonderful meeting and we even got to meet Sister Dalton after! it was quite the experience. let's just say my dad is good at being sneakyyyyy
2) Hannah and I - this is us on friday. as a mentioned here i got to spend time with the siblings this weekend eating food, watching movies, but also having some friend time thrown in there & partying. cause what is a weekend without movies + friends + food + and partying? on friday Hanni and i hung out with lots of people at Megs house, then Saturday the fam and i went and saw 'We Bought a Zoo.' i liked this movie, however, i was surprised by how much swearing they allow in a PG movie these days. what is this world coming to? honestly. anyways, then Saturday night Hannah, Cait and i went to Yogurtland where we saw Matt and Alec. then they joined us at Megs after we went to The Chocolate for Joslynn's birthday (which is today, happy 17th jozzie!) it was quite a hoot at Megs that night. 10 senior boys + 10 senior girls + a LOT of food = PARTY
3) my day isn't complete without gym time + a Special K bar
4) sunday - people find me crazy for dressing up so much + wearing heels so dang often. i can't help it. i was BORN to wear heels + dress up.
5) my first coke - yes. my FIRST coke people. it has been sitting in my room for 1 year now. i finally took a sip. then handed it off to my brother... i prefer Dr Pepperhappy sunday! today the family and i are celebrating my Grandpa Horton's 74th (i think) birthday by eating Boiled Raisin Cake. EWWWW.... (his request) then tomorrow we celebrate Grandma Gillespie's 66 birthday by eating a yummy dinner! looking forward to parties!

by the way, in case you didn't know, my families store 7Circles DID start opening all week long! instead of Thur-Sat 9-7. we are now open Mon-Sat 10-7. there are AMAZING deals this week ($4 cardigans, $4 CK underwear, $6 pants, + ALL COATS 20% OFF!) so come visit me! i work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 3-7

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  1. Haha is that the coke I got you?....-Nicole