Friday, January 27, 2012

say hello to the 'new Keena'

braces are finally off! thank the heavens! after 4 retainers, 1 Herbst appliance, and 2 sets of braces for a total of 4 1/2 years, my teeth have just about had it. i am so happy to be able to say that my braces are off! and they are never ever coming back! :)

i am shocked at how amazing it feels. i mean, i have never had this before. the first time i got my braces off i still had a retainer {with fake teeth on it of course} but it still had a bar in the front, and now, i am bar free. the newest in retainers i tell you, and i love it! i am so thrilled and happy with my teeth and the results that i would say that those dreadful and miserable 4 1/2 years, were definitely worth it. wouldn't you?

last post i mentioned i was doing something '
quite big and daring at noon' if you can't tell by the picture above, my eyelashes got longer! yes yes i got extensions! i have wanted them for awhile now but haven't found a good price, so i didn't think it was worth it! well i found a wonderful gal to do them for me + a great price, and boy oh boy do i love them. how wonderful is it that i no longer have to put on make up? quite wonderful i'd say.

here is a before look {EW} if you must. check out the difference in eyelashes as well. {don't you love my new ones so much more? i know i do!} annnnnnd yes i realize my eyes look very blue in this picture but not in the top one. lighting my friends, lighting.
how i love how much change occurred! i'm a whole new woman! and i love it! first place i went after having braces removed = Zupas. AKA my absolute FAV restaurant! i love the Chicken Enchilada Soup + the Mango Berry Salad. this combo is uhhhh-mazing. seriouslyalso yesterday, i rocked some seriously great 'arm candy' {<---- that's what they call it now days!} but then again, i always wear tons of bracelets. i am in love with bracelets + my rose gold watch. what can i say? bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. that, and gold hoop earrings. LOVEalso, meggie + jos visited me yesterday at work to view my new smile! cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead! i can't wait to strut the town with my new face, turning heads as i go. just teasing! my parents are headed down to St. George this weekend for a speaking assignment, so the kids and i are partyin' it up! waaaa-hoooooo!


  1. Keena, you look great! You were beautiful before too, though! Im happy for you :)