Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's 2012 baby!

Malia, Mackenzie, Briana and i got all fancied up for a New Years party last night. these new glitter heels made their lovely appearance at that hoot of a party!

if you are wondering why i am blogging right now, it is just cause i LOVE you guys so much and felt the need to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's 2012 baby! this year has so much in store and i am so excited for new chances, new beginnings, and new changes this year will bring. not to mention the resolutions i will be setting. {definitely more about that later}

in reality, the cousins are gone to their grandparents {on the other side} and won't be back for a few hours. so i hopped on. much more to come once they leave, lovies! have a happy first day of the brand new year!

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