Monday, January 2, 2012

look over 2011 + resolutions

i loved Hunter Kofford's idea of showing pictures of my entire year. {stealing your idea sis! hope you don't mind!} i am going to share pictures, and highlights from that month! look out. this could be a long post. {click the pink links to see that event!} here we go!

-cheering for basketball games and swim meets
-making a new friend, Madi Bateman
-hanging with friends and working at the store
-Aspen Grove for Youth Conference
-getting my brand new iPhone4
-seeing the JB movie at midnight, opening night, with Mads
-spending time with friends
-Valentines day
-going to St. George with my family for Malia's soccer tournament
-more time with friends {of course}
-getting a bunch of tests done + many doctors appointments + finding out i had to get surgery again
-JB's birthday, spending it with my friends by seeing the movie again
-St Patties day
-Marcus' and my dads birthday celebrations
-getting my second tailbone surgery
-Meg's birthday party
-finding a new love life with Chris Turnbull
-spring break
-visiting East High School with my family
-the first sign of spring! it was definitely delayed
-my sweet 16 birthday
-first date {with my dad}
-park city for Memorial Day weekend with my cousins, for my birthday
-the MV soccer team goes to state at the REAL stadium
-finally finishing LOST
-school ended! hallelujah!
-making my summer list
-partying it up with my friends
-girls camp
-EFY with my most favorite person ever
-hiking the Y for my very first time with Hanni and Mads
-4th of July with my family + cousins
-more Chris + friend time
-spending 2 out of the 4 weeks at my cousins house in Washington
-starting school again
-Homecoming, my first date dance
-going to my first concert, Selena Gomez, with Syd
-more friend bonding timeOctober
-going to my first BYU football game
-friend time
-getting my Herbst off
-waiting out for 7 hours for the opening of Breaking Dawn
-having cousins come down for the weekend
-spending 11-11-11 with my cousins
-photo shoot with Hanni by Holly
-Christmas break
-cousins coming down AGAIN {that post is coming soon!}
-seeing temple square + the lights
over all 2011 was great, it definitely had its ups and downs, but honestly, i can't wait for this year! i'm ready for some killer resolutions that i actually plan to complete, unlike last year!

2012 resolutions
-be a healthier person
-loose _ pounds
-have more money in my savings account
-finish my Personal Progress
-run my first 1/2 marathon
-go to the gym 5 times a week
-take the ACT

welcome 2012! i'm excited!

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  1. Sometimes I wish I was you. You're adorable, I love your blog:)