Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 things

shirt: F21, skirt: Nordstrom, booties: Target, watch: Nordstrom

1) this deserves to be #1, braces come off in 10 days. TEN DAYS! next Wednesday :) after 4 years people. boo-freaking-yah!!
2) i can't wait any longer for Breaking Dawn to go into the dollar theater. when it does, you will see me there everyday; literally
3) finished a personal progress project yesterday. i made a blanket
4) my most favorite insta-grammer started following me last night. i have never been so happy about a stupid iPhone app. i literally was screaming when she also liked every single one of my pictures. holy freakkkk yes
5) went to a happnin' party on Friday night. it got a little intense when i got trapped in the middle of the dance circle. it was so hot in there. 'helppppp!!'
6) i, keena horton, watched Eclipse 4 times this week. FOUR. don't judge
7) so, 7Circles is going to be open all week starting January 23 visit me! i work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday.
8) got some deliveries being made to me this week. 2 new iPhone cases, and some new tan boots. woooo! can't wait
9) loving gym time lately. workouts are the bestttt
10) i really love my sister, Malia. she is my best friend {i love you sisssssyyyy!}

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