Friday, January 13, 2012

thank the heavens it is finally friday

i realized the other day, that i really don't put up that many pictures on my blog anymore. i am sorry about that. i don't like it very much, it makes me sad. i used too though.... at this time last year i was blogging everything from school projects, cheer, drivers ed, family, birthdays, etc. i guess i am lazy. that, or i can't find anything to take pictures of. <both?> anyways, i am going to try and be better about that.

sooooo, lets just say... it has been a LONG week. the last week of the semester is never fun, and having at least 2 tests or quizzes a day, this past week, has been terrible. too much studying. too much work. too much school. but it is OVER. say hello to the 3 day weekend. i have some seriously great plans.
+ i have had to tweak my schedule around tons this week. i had to get it just right. and guess what! Cait and i have every class together. just like last semester... boo-yah!

have a fantastic long weekend everyone! mine will be filled with lots of friend time, gym time, party time, sleeping time, family time, and lots and lots of eating. cause that is what i do best. EAT

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