Wednesday, March 28, 2012

loving this

 this is my cousin Afton. isn't she adorable?

i am in love with babies. they are just so innocent and soft. seriously like, they have the softest skin ever. holding them makes me super excited about being a mom one day. {not that i am already thinking about it..... it's just exciting} i had a reality check the other day. i will be graduating in a year... a YEAR! this is so weird. i could be married soon. soon as in.... 3 years. OKAY that is just craaaazzyyyyy talk. keena, a married woman? weird.

right now, i'm blogging while i should be in school. but who goes to school {ON TIME} the next day when they stay up until 1 chit chatting with besties about loser boys and such? not i. well i did, yesterday.... but after doing that 2 nights in a row? yeahhhh we opted out of first period today.

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  1. Way cute pictures! She looks so confused in the first two. :)