Thursday, March 22, 2012

state H.O.S.A.

finally here! after a week. sorry, but it's the end of the term.
homework tests homework tests.... enough said.

sooooo i kinda realized this year that I'm really not involved in anything at school. not any sports, not dance, not soccer, basketball, softball, I'm not even in choir. do i care? not really. I'm not very competitive when it comes to sports, and i don't really have a good voice OR any dancing ability {it get's embarrassing. ha! just kidding.} i played soccer for 4 years and b-ball for 2 + i did ballet for 3 years, and after realizing i didn't have any talent whatsoever, i quit.

anyways, back at the beginning of the school year Branson convinced me to join H.O.S.A. with him. {Health Occupations Students of America} so i did. i joined! i joined SOMETHING. haven't really done much yet except attend those little 20 minute meetings at lunch time. until now! 3 weeks ago we all paid up, and decided we would attend state. STATE!

there we are! on the bus ride up. the sad thing is, is i woke up that morning throwing up. feeling sick as ever, i still went because i really didn't want to miss it! Meggie {my bestie} and i were the only girls attending from MV! Hannah was supposed to, but since it was her birthday that day, she opted out. unfortunately, Meg and i couldn't room together {LONG story} but we sure did have fun on the bus + at competitions!

i may or may not have been a BIT proud to feel so legit with my own name tag.... opening ceremonies! Meggie's man, Brendan, is the state H.O.S.A president and gave an amazing speech! Meg, Brendan, and Taylor also competed in a competition and got first place! lucky for them they are headed to Nationals in June! wahoooooo
the competition Meg, Branson and i competed in was called Creative Problem Solving. we took a 50 question test, then based on what your score was, determined if you went on to round 2. there were about 3o groups taking the test, and although we felt okay about the test, we really didn't think we would move on.

after taking the test and waiting for 20 minutes, we look at the results poster, and see our school
CS00178 @7:30 = Mountian View! we were shocked. SHOCKED!
we only got 30 minutes to read an entire packet with a problem, come up with a solution, make a ten minute presentation, then present it in front of judges! our presentation was fab.

they do it out of top ten out of state, and we found out at closing ceremonies that we got 4th place. FOURTH! {side note: i often capitalize + repeat the word for emphasis {if you can't already tell... haha!}} unfortunately we needed 3rd to go to Nationals, but i was happy enough with what we got, and lucky for Meg she already made it to Florida/Nationals!

even though i was sick + had to leave early, it was a lot of fun :) happy i decided to go and so amazed we got 4th in state. uhhhhh-mazed

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