Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday memory!

this picture is of Cait and i in the 6th grade. this was back in the day when we dressed up for EVERY single holiday. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and even Easter when we dressed as bunnies and handed out candy in little baskets. we went to one of our houses the night before to plan outfits. honestly, this was so important to us to dress up for ALL the holidays.

as you can see, i am wearing a tree skirt while Cait is in capris and soccer shorts. we also both have ribbons in our hair and one of our favorite things to do was crimp our hair... classic. lets just say, we were a HIT in that elementary school.

PS: i'm back from Moab! i got home an hour ago. SO SORE, i am barely walking. it was quite the weekend. more on that later!

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