Wednesday, June 20, 2012


guess who's comforters came? ours
guess who hates their comforters? us
guess who has to find new comforters in a week? WE DO
guess who has no idea where to look? US

guess who has youth conference tomorrow? we do
guess who hasn't packed yet? us
guess who's gonna procrastinate a little longer? us
guess who's parents are coming with us tomorrow at 7 am {A.M. yes, as in, THE MORNING} ours
guess who wants to wear pants in 1028943798 degree weather tomorrow? NOT US

BUT, guess who is best friends AND sisters. miss malia and i. forever and always i will love her and everything she does.

see you Saturday blogging world


  1. Gorgeous girls!! Hope you find a new comforter you like!

  2. try target - they always have affordable ones for 'back to school' season! love your little blog - let's swap buttons!?

  3. I guessed every one right!! ;)
    cute post!
    and I agree with Michelle ... Target to the rescue!

  4. Comforters at Target and Macys. Go!