Monday, June 18, 2012

dear future

my motto lately. remembering that even though that life is absolutely fabulous right now, this is isn't even the BEST of it. life is being thrown at me 1849778338 MPH and sometimes i can't believe the fact that i am already 17 years old. seems like just yesterday i was in elementary school at recess.

obviously i am LOVING life right now, and i am so blessed with everything i have {and this is definitely not a complaining post.} but, the best is yet to come. there is always something to look forward to! even if it is very far in the future. there are things to always look forward to, even if it is simply: tomorrow. some things i am looking forward to in the moment include:

1)  my cousin coming to Utah. i don't think i have ever been this excited IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. i just know that when she walks through my front door i'll start bawling. i miss my best friend more than anything, and i can't wait any longer until i get to spend the whole month of July with her. I LOVE YOU NAN
2)  my new comforter to arrive. Malia and i finally finished painting our room, and now we're just waiting for our new comforters to get here! we have a few more things to add, then our room will be complete
3)  to start my new medical program senior year. i will be taking 3 Concurrent Enrollement classes at MV, doing an internship at the hospital, and doing MATC to get my CNA down at UVU. lot's of big words, i know. but i have always wanted to be a nurse and i can't wait to get going on it next year!
4)  half marathon round 2. March 2013 baby
5)  the 4th of July. my ALL time favorite holiday. {2010 :: 2011} we have so much fun every single year and i just can't wait!
6)  to feel sore tomorrow. {who wishes for THAT?} but really, i like the feeling. Malia and i got up and ran just over 7 miles today and HOLY COW IT WAS HOT. we got out by 7:15 ish but even by then the sun was blazing. and those hills we ran up? dang. those hills kicked my butt.

happy Monday! looking forward to everyday, + these things in the near future


  1. Yay! A lot of good things coming your way!

  2. I need to make one of these lists pronto ... so that I quit feeling sorry for myself being sick. :)