Saturday, June 30, 2012

hiking the Y baby

Meg, Hannah and i decided we wanted to hike the Y yesterday morning! i try to do this once a year. haha most people who hike the Y go like every morning. i try to do it at least once a summer though! and just as a side note, our goal: to be able to run the hike to the Y.

 it was hot, but luckily we started hiking before the sun peaked over the mountain!

yes. we did have a photo-shoot on top of the Y.
such an amazing view. i plan to hike the Y again with my cousin {WHO COMES TOMORROW} next week. the view is definitely worth the hike up there. in other news: sorry i have barely posted this week, but in my defense, i warned you. and like i said earlier, the wait is finally over, and my cousins come TOMORROW. i couldn't be more thrilled! 

happy saturday! AKA: happy cleaning day in my house!

PS: remember how i went to THIS event? pictures coming from that really soon!
PSS: don't miss THIS post!

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  1. Holy crap, girl, you are tan!

    BTW, your button is up on my blog for July!!