Wednesday, June 27, 2012

youth conference 2012!

Malia, my mom + dad and i arrived at the stake center at 7:00. we put on our costumes {the whole point of this youth conference was Book of Mormon reenactments. WE were the Nephites.} after finding our 'tribes' for the weekend {i was in the yellow tribe. AKA: Celestialites {we sound so cool, i know}} we drove up Payson canyon where we were camping!

{don't mind how we look. keep in mind its 7:00 in the morning and we're going camping}

yes. I KEENA HORTON set up this tent. 
with the help of my trusty side kick: Malia. our cute little 2 man-er tent

there were 7 girls total going in my ward. {we have a small Young Women's... obviously} but we all mostly stuck together. especially us 5! me, Tara, Malia, Sarah, and Camisha
on thursday we played team games, went 'treasure hunting', watched reenactments, ate meals, socialized with the stake, did some service, and got pretty gosh dang sunburned. 

we got MORE sunburned, watched MORE reenactments, ate MORE meals, etc etc etc. we did a couple different things on friday, but for the most part in the day, it was the same. 

one thing we did differently on Friday was, we had a war. a LEGIT war. {pool noodle} swords slashing each other! i was a medic. along with Camisha. we saved those who had been slashed by those noodle swords

and here is me and dad. watching the reenactments together {which happened to be REAL cool. we were basically watching a movie in the woods. surround sound baby}

friday night we also roasted smores. I LOVE SMORES. 
and may i say, i am definitely pro at making them. just sayin.

my favorite sweatshirt. mmhmmm

more reenactments in the morning, then we packed up camp! by saturday, we are all FRIED {yes i know you can't tell. but believe me. by the look of my peeling, skin cancer/burn victim/splotchy face, you'd know i got fried}

oh, and don't mind my dad. shaving. i guess he got sick of the scruffy man look.
overall? SO MUCH FUN! i really wasn't expecting it to be, but i had such a fun time, and i am so glad i got to enjoy it with Malia and my parents! some of you may say this is embarrassing, but..... i love church activities & trips. whatcha gunna do bout it?

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