Thursday, July 5, 2012

the Y {again} + tubing {again}

i've opened up my eyes a little bit this summer, and started doing things i don't usually do on a daily basis. we have some pretty cool stuff to do here in Utah and i decided to let my cousins experince the fun and give them a little taste of what they moved away from 9 years ago!

we got up at 7 am to take the girls on their first hike of the Y! i timed it right so we beat the sun, but the hike was still hard! {like it always is!} we tried running, which at one point seemed easier. we all felt like it was definitely worth it though. the view is always so beautiful!

 "sister picture!" 
"cousin picture!"
"standing picture!"
"oh, we need a standing picture with arms up!"
"AND looking out at the city picture!" 
*ONE more picture*
"oh hold it, i look dead. take another"


  oh, and on the way back down, we found a rock. 
it was scary to get up there, but the pictures turned out sweet!

we headed back home, got ready, and went to Zupas for lunch. our favorite. {we literally have already been there 3 times and it's thursday....}

after eating, we headed to the Veterans pool, {which we ALWAYS go to} we know how to stop those slides like nobody's business. Briana and i go first, stop the silde, wait for Kenzie and Mia, then switch places. YES we get in trouble.... so we have to take shifts of lifeguards {hehehe} but hey: YOLO

Briana and i headed to the gym for a killer cycling class, then went to Brick Oven with the family. we split up after lunch, and the girls + i went tubing down Provo river! {another thing i HAD to have them experience} i think everyone that was also floating down the river that day, just absolutely loved us. shouting singing Disney songs as we float alllll theee wayyyy down

after getting home and changing, we also had to pack for the *ANNUAL sleepover at Grandma + Grandpas* for the 4th of July! we also helped our mothers buy making the fruit plate. we are oh so festive

we ate at our grandparents house, played games, 
and went to bed at a decent hour. {that's a lie...HA.... decent hour}

more about the 4th of July {my FAV holiday} soon!
happy thursday!


  1. Looks like you guys are having a ball! Sure feel blessed to have you all in my family!

  2. I Love Hiking the Y! and it totally kicks your butt. I think its way hard! fun though :)

  3. Totally sat on the rock when I went up the Y too :) So pretty!!!