Saturday, July 7, 2012

the 4th of July

first of all, sorry i am getting this on here so late. i've been occupied hanging with cousins of course! 

as i mentioned HERE, we slept over at grandma and grandpas house July 3, just like we always do! Briana, Mackenzie, Malia and i slept on the deck, as usual! we got woken up at 6 am to head to the hot air balloons in Provo! we go every year, and it just wouldn't be the 4th of July if we didn't

after watching the balloons take off, we headed back to our grandparents house to have breakfast! taking a nap for an hour, and feeling my belly with food + playing 2 rounds of Taboo & Phase 10 with my cousins never felt so good.

we headed back to my house, ate more food {cause that's what holidays are all about. right?} and got on my roof to tan. yep, you read that right. ON MY ROOF baby!

Briana and i also spent the afternoon making these little beauties.

that's right. festive as ever! we showered and got ready, and went to the park to eat {again...} with the whole family! we also played kickball {another tradition} with the big green ball, talked, AND played volleyball!

Grandma was the cheerleader of the bunch!

snow cones anyone? funny story for you, the first one i bought tasted like Beer..... so i got mango instead of that nasty vanilla crap.....

eating our snowies on the way, we walked down to the BYU stadium from my grandmas {well, to the church across the street} to watch the firework:, on the same lawn, in the same place, on the same blankets, as every year {as you can see my family is allllll about traditions}

NOW can you see why the 4th of July is my favorite holiday? oh, and in case you are wondering, Briana and i will now be dressing up for this holiday, EVERY year. don't ask me why we haven't in years past....

July 4th 2011 HERE

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  1. How do you look that cute at 6 in the morning? I was convinced it wasn't humanly possible. :)

    Love your blog!