Wednesday, August 8, 2012

girls camp!

Girls Camp. It's the: no showering, no cellphones, dirty bathrooms + cabins, sleeping on the ground, greasy hair, hikes, canoes, no outside world, testimony meeting, ALL GIRL camp. The kind that no boy will ever experience, and no girl will ever forget.

I have always LOVED girls camp! It's 5 days that I have up in the mountains with some of my favorite people, away from all the social media + drama. {who am I kidding. It's a camp FULL of girls. That aint' drama free.} But, I think it's the fact that I can finally not shower {AT ALL} for 5 days and nobody can say a thing about it. Us girls try to embrace the grease in our hair and the dirt on our bodies for those 5 days, constatnly making new roll calls + cheers about how we SO BADLY want a shower, when in reality, I think we are all pretty content having 5 days without one.

It was such a great week having my mom, dad, and sister: Malia there. {half the family.... HA!} the hikes were hard, but the food was wonderful {seriously. I just let myself run free. Doughnuts, cake, ice cream, candy, smores, you name it. Hopefully the constant hiking made up for it...}

Oh, and those pot guts? Pretty sure those pot guts enjoyed the trashcan. And the grapes + trail mix we gave them. I tell ya, once we tipped the trash can to let them free, they just stayed put! They were just wanting more trail mix though, who are we kidding :)

If you are a teenage girl, and you've never been been to girls camp, you are missing out. BIG TIME

** previous girls camp's: 2010, 2011

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