Tuesday, July 5, 2011

girls camp {its fixed ya'll}

cheers cheers and many more cheers :) my wonderful father has fixed the website. it took him a couple days, and some patience, but he succeeded. {THANK YOU DAD!} which is why today, i will share with you:
girls camp

we didn't go to Shalom this year, too much snow. we packed our tents and extra padding, up to Heber Valley. my buddies at the camp? Emma, Kait, Regan, Sarah. us 5 shared a tent, and although i spent most of my time with Emma and Kait, Regan and Sarah joined the partay. this year we also had warm showers {boo-yah} i took 2 :) i loved being a YCL this year. lots and lots

before the shower :) the first time

JB life size. they took it away from me cause i was smoochin' it too much :( love him

Malia, my mom, my dad, and i, were all up there this year {that's half my family} it was also my dad's first year up there. all his talks were amazing and he is a great stake president :) everyone loves him! not as much as me though.

this is all of the YCL's and Leaders this year

oh yeah, and i carved into the tree love it

im so so super glad this blog is back up and running :) expect many more posts coming soon dearies, cause i have SO many pictures you want to see! :) much love


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