Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday at the state fair!

all day long on Saturday, Branson, Meg, Tyler and I went to the state fair! tickets were expensive, but we all decided we may as well, and headed up to Salt Lake to spend the day there! 

I have never been to the state fair, the only other thing I have been to that is something close to this, is the Orem Summerfest. but this was way less busy, and I actually really enjoyed the rides! they are definitely the typical carnival rides, the ones that make your stomach all flip floppy + the ones that turn you upside down so dang much. and although those rides are probably a million years old, and so beaten up they could fall apart any minute, those things were seriously fun.
 ride one
 the first ride, and Meg is already so dang scared...

let's just say, she didn't join in on round two, but Branson, Tyler and I surely enjoyed it! 
that thing made my stomach jump around so much. but I just love it! 

caught in action.... as the ride starts up, the giggles kick in

after enjoying a couple hours there, okay actually it was more like 5 hours, {don't judge us for having fun on kiddie rides.} we were starved, so we went to dinner at The Pie! 

**oh, and the homeless man on the side of the road that took this for us was rewarded with our left over pizza, who ended up not wanting it.... what a cute man he was**

those pizzas were delicious. 
except for the fact that nobody told me there was CHICKEN on our pizza. 
I ask the waiter:  "sir, does this pizza have chicken on it?" 

{I only asked because Branson wouldn't stop telling me it DID, when it wasn't on the menu} 

"YES! it doesn't say so on the menu, but we added it on. we give you the option because it is better WITH it. and your friends said yes to the chicken." 

okayyyyyy hi guys I don't eat meat. and you know it. hate you
the good part is that I took most the toppings off that pizza anyways, so who knows if i actually ate some. but it wasn't my fault.... so take that little vegetarian rule maker

the night ended with stopping at East High school in Salt Lake, and Fashion Place Mall in Murray, then getting lost a lot, almost running out of gas multiple times, and talking non stop about the Illuminati and what to believe. {we now call Tyler, Ben Gates {from National Treasure}} 

it was a thrilling night to say the least :) I for one, had an awesome Saturday


  1. Agh this looks so fun! I'm not from Utah but I go there a lot, wish I was at that state fair right now! Do you know how long it's going for? And I was *literally* talking about that underground pizza parlor this morning with a friend and how I want to go there and write our names on the wall.

    1. Yes! the state fair was super fun! you should definitely go, it runs until September 26! that pizza place is also definitely to die for!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast :) you're so good at taking pictures! I love seeing them!