Thursday, September 6, 2012

labor day

Monday night we headed up to my mom's uncles house and had a BBQ with some family. he has a pond in his back yard, so we always get to go canoeing and fishing! which i have to say, is pretty great. 

i must admit that i am not always.... thrilled... about going to this gathering, but this year, it just happened to be pretty dang fun!

yes i realize i haven't posted as much this week. or last week even. but welcome to my senior year! i know this may be hard to believe, because senior years are usually filled with free time, activities, and release time classes, but this year is so insanely busy already i can't even believe it.

so i will apologize in advance, posting will be scarce.... #sorrynotsorry {did i really just bring in a hash-tag? in the blogging world? unheard of. and yet i don't even care}

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