Tuesday, October 23, 2012

California part 2 :: the beach

 if you didn't read HERE, we took a couple days spent in California, and put them towards beach days. wednesday we were all so exhausted from 2 full days at Disney, so we spent the whole day at the beach! friday we spent in downtown disney + the pool; and saturday was another beach day! 

we have been to the beach before as a family, but we have never been there for long. just short amounts of time. so this vacation we had actual BEACH days and man they were fun :)

we made massive sand castles, jumped the waves in the water + swam {literally. in the ocean!}, and walked to a nearby {well, a mile each way... if you call that nearby.} pier! it was the perfect tempertuere {especially wednesday} not too hot, but hot enough to get a nice tan. {or, red as a tomato, which is how we ALL ended up!} but that turned into a tan. so i was happy ;)

these pictures are from the 2 beach days combined! so much fun 

i have a few more pictures to share from our vacation, but we'll see if i actually put them on! i hate to say it, but i am super busy and stressed so we'll see if i can squeeze in the time. this week is a busy one and i have plenty on my plate right now. 

the end of the term is in 3 days, and i am re-taking the ACT in 4. + Halloween and Sadie's planning. busy busy busy! i should be back later this week if i'm not dead by then! :)

happy tuesday!


  1. this looks like a blast! i nominated you for a cute award girl!