Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 things

 shirt: XXI, pants: hand-me-down, shoes: Forever Young

1)  it snowed today! Orem would like to say welcome, dear snow, and also say get the heck out until at LEAST November. but do come back.... cause i do enjoy sledding. + hot cocoa!
2)  i take the ACT on saturday for the 2nd time. scared outta my mind and i can't wait until its over. i hate that thing. ask me if i have studied? yes, like maybe once. or twice
3)  i am running on very little sleep. it's not that fun guys.
4)  our football team had hope for about a day when we found out we were in the playoffs. that hope ended in the first 5 minutes of the game... and finished off with a painful score of 42-0. don't worry boys, you had a fab season!
5)  end of the term is really stressful. and i really should be doing MORE homework right now. i needed a break though! but seriously, homework everyday, ALL DAY... this. term. must. end.
6)  boys suck. that's all.
7)  i have had so many embarrassing moments at the gym this week, i don't even want to talk about it.
8)  Keena finally purchased a new phone! finally. bye bye cracked piece of crap! and after debating on either the Verizon Galaxy // Motorola Rzr 3 // or another iPhone, for an hour and a half with the Verizon manager, i went with the iPhone 4S. don't ask me if i like the other phones better. cause i will say yes...
9)  so, i completely spaced my 4 page paper on creationism being due yesterday in Government. showed up to 4th period without a paper and having to debate with my partner. but guess who won the debate? ME. i guess that extra credit can make up for a late paper? bonus baby.
10)  HAPPY THURSDAY! it's in all caps becuase i want this week over already.

it's been a long week. can ya tell?

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