Tuesday, November 20, 2012

more time with my best friend

 spending the weekend with Briana was so unexpected and SO much fun! i love her so much. i don't know if i have mentioned this before, but she will be in London for Christmas for cheer so she won't be coming down. because i won't see her then, it was SO GOOD to have her here over the weekend! 
things we did:
- saw Breaking Dawn part 1 together (i was hesitant when the fighting scene started because the rest of the movie was so much like the book, but in the end, i LOVED IT) (hurrahh to the final ending!)
- stayed up LATE (4 am on a school night? for me at least!) catching up
- lunch at Kneaders
- visiting grandparents (having grandpa give us kissing talks? hilarious)
- hung out with Alexis + Tanner
- shopping at the mall. Victoria Secret baby
- sushi at Happy Sumo with Lex + Tanner & walking around Riverwoods (Santa's lap!)
- watching the hilarious home videos of us as kids
- talking ALL about college and how we are so excited to live together next year! (crossing our fingers we both make it in to BYU)

i love you Nan. already miss you more than anything! see you in March...


  1. So fun! Nothing like a best girlfriend! You both are gorgeous!
    P.S. can we trade closets? You always look amazing!!

  2. I Love this! It reminds me of my cousin Lauren. We are just like this, best of friends. We now live together in an apartment and it is definitely the best to have someone that is family as a best friend because they will always be there! and you are both so cute! What a wonderful Surprise!