Thursday, November 22, 2012

a day of thanks

 happy thanksgiving! the Horton's celebrated today with our favorite way, each picking something we are thankful for and making a meal out of it! this year, like the last, we made a giant breakfast. cereals, french toast, fruits, juices/milks, and lots of yummy syrups.

we also enjoyed the afternoon at my aunts house eating the traditional thanksgiving food and playing games! such a great day
today i am thankful for many things. i am especially grateful for my family and friends. i don't know what i would do without their love and support! i am also grateful for the gospel and everything it provides for my life.

i could go on and on with a lengthy list of things i am grateful for, so i think i'll steal a few from last years list and improve it by selecting the things i really do appreciate the very MOST. i also put together a little collage while digesting my thanksgiving dinner today. if you are pictured here it means i love you and am very grateful for you! :)

 things i am grateful for, in no particular order

my family, my friends, my home, my father’s good job, 7Circles, my body, food, clothing, shoes, the LDS church, temple, the scriptures, my freedom, school, hospitals, doctors and nurses, dentists, changes, computers, Eternal Life, people who care about me, tooth brushes, cell phones, iPods, my senses, my grandparents, money, memories, cars, electricity, farms, museums, church music, learning, teachers, fruit and veggies, refrigerators, the Kardashians, Disney movies, Taylor Swift, makeup, aunts and uncles, the Twilight Saga, EFY, the people who have fought for my freedom, the Declaration of Independence, Disneyland, heat and air conditioning, my bed, the Holy Ghost, surprises, the employees of 7Circles, first kisses, medicine, the military, a healthy body, Walt Disney, weddings, family memories, everything in my body, smart people, music, decisions, sins, trials, Joseph Smith, toilets, the Temple, churches, firefighters, water, seasons, social media websites, stores, restaurants, laws, magazines, seat belts, telephones, learning, showers, the snow/rain, pictures, things that smell good, cookies, my imagination, dreams, the Pioneers, General Conference, parents that make me go to church when i don’t want to, parties, homework, tests, gardens, celebrities, Nordstrom, movie theaters, massages, flowers, jewelry, the New Era, the Ensign, the Friend, all the prophets, U.S.A, maps, memories, genealogy, soap, recipes, sewing, repairs, sweaters, coats, night and day, the ability to count, the days of the week, underwear, desserts, lip gloss, Personal Progress and Duty to God, the Earth that God created, the Atonement, seminary, pizza, Forever 21, Target, journals, the ability i have to bring God's children to earth, BYU, mountains, beaches, the ability to LOVE someone, surgeries, vacations, bubble baths, midnight snacks, holidays, police, movies, the ability to see colors, sunshine, road trips, future opportunities, the ability to cook, video cameras, birthdays, exercising, running, gym's, my dad, my mom, Malia, Caleb, Marcus, Kylie, Quincey

* * * * *
there are so many things i think i take advantage of and i love that i can look back on this list anytime and know that i am blessed with so much! i appreciate everything i have. 

and now. it's time. 
tonight malia and i are starting at 9 and shopping all night long. 
cheers to an all-nighter and blowing all our money.

i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving!


  1. I love the idea of doing a Thanksgiving breakfast! So clever + breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. New to your blog +newly following! xoxo, eliza

  2. This was beautiful. (:
    You just gained a follower.
    Hope you had good luck with all the black friday shopping!