Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cali for preference :: Disneyland

it was pretty spontaneous, this California trip. we planned it in 1 week. we were sitting down as friends doing homework on a Thursday night {me, Kaylee, Tyler and Branson}, and decided even though we really didn't want to go to preference, {because hardly anyone was going...} we should at least do something. Kaylee's mom works for the Disney store, and Branson's mom works for Jet Blue Airlines, + his sister lives in Cali. BAM. Cali it was. 

234553 phone calls + texts later and we had no flight. flying for Jet Blue means standby, and we didn't think we would all 4 make it on and didn't want to risk the test. we settled for driving, and found out there was a HUGE storm coming in the exact day we would need to leave. another dozen phone calls, and Kaylee's aunt got us $100 tickets to Long Beach, CA round trip! an answer to our prayers... literally.

the night we found out we for SURE had tickets, was the best night ever. who knew all of our parents would let us go to California for 3 days all alone? we were SCREAMING! so exciting :)

Branson and Tyler, being the gentleman that they are, even got Kaylee and i cute little corsages. i mean really, look how cute

we left Friday night at 6:00 for the airport. guys, this was my first flight in 10 years. TEN YEARS. 
 people take airplanes for granted, and it honestly was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!! ask anyone on that plane, i was freakkkkinggg out. 

 *please note the MASSIVE bag of muddie buddies. our plane treat i made*
*please also note this incredible picture from the plane. how could you not LOVE FLYING?*

we made it to Long Beach, CA at 10:00 Cali time. Branson's sister Brooke picked us up from the airport with her fiance, Brandon. they were kind enough to take us to Santa Monica Pier that night! straight from the movies everyone 

Saturday morning bright and early, 8:00 {we got there right when it opened!} we packed our backpack of snacks, and headed for Disneyland! 

{since my mom wasn't there to do so, i played Disney mom. i had a backpack FULL of snacks, waterbottles, sweatshirts, gum, sunglasses, granola bars, and more and more snacks. Kaylee played a role in that too.} we called Branson and Tyler our kids that day as we made them run through the parks, with no breaks except for the lines. it was a love-hate relationship that day ;) just kidding, we all LOVED every minute

it was bitter sweet to be there without my family. i love Disneyland. but the part that always makes it the most special and magical for me is being with my family there. i sure missed them as i walked down Mainstreet USA. 

BUT, being on this vacation in Disneyland with some of my best friends, with no parents, was one of the greatest and FUNNEST things i have ever done! we had no rules. nobody telling us which ride we had to go on next, or whether or not we could buy that $8 ice cream bar. one of the best trips i have ever been on!

our first ride was Space Mountain. there were NO lines in Disneyland that day. although it felt really warm {high 50's} to us {compared to the negative degrees of Utah} it was 'cold' for the people in Cali, so it really made the lines die down; which was super nice for us! especially the mornings and evenings, such an empty park!

the boys were hungry every 5 minutes, which is why we were really grateful for the snacks. they also got those hugeeeeee $10 turkey legs though. i mean i know i don't really like meat, but common, those things just look nasty. but they sure loved them!

at about 2:00 we headed over to California Adventure!


 we had dinner at a very nice restaurant with cute little Christmas lights and made it special for our 'Preference dinner.' it was at a new Italian restaurant and they seriously had the best food!

 after dinner, we watched the World of Color + the firework show. tear breakers right there...

Disneyland is the HAPPIEST place on earth! it was the best day ever!!:) i loved being there iwth my best friends and especially Kaylee. wearing matching ears, matching sweatshirts, and running through Disneyland with our dates together, is something i will never forget :) 

definitely one of my favorite 'date dances' ;) and even though we didn't go to the 'dance,' we par-cored ALL through the park and danced at any moment we got while running to rides. that counts, right? :)

ps: i re decorated my blog. {as you can see.} something i hardly ever do... a much needed change!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Glad y'all had fun!