Monday, January 14, 2013

remember that "big suprise"?

that's right! i went to Disneyland! and i just got home today! preference date 2013

and THAT is why i have been MIA in the blogger world. lots of planning for the flight there went on last week + the end of the term was happening. there was absolutely no spare time for me to blog!

BUT, i took lots and lots of pictures of this past weekend in Disneyland {aka: my ALL TIME favorite place in the world. see here, here, and here} and i can't wait to share! :) it was the best gettaway ever. no parents, no rules, no money, {just kidding. but almost... :) by the end of the weekend at least!} and no bedtimes. 

ill be back soon {this time i am serious...} to share all about it! 

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