Thursday, January 31, 2013

don't mind me, just missing summer

 in case you don't live in Utah, let me inform you of the fact that we have over a foot of snow on the ground and it won't STOP SNOWING. I've scraped my car windshield so many times it's not even funny. i do love the winter, and i do love living in Utah because there is a constant change, and you never know what's coming next! but as of right now, i am having major withdrawals from THIS

the sunshine, the being tan, the running around in swimsuits, the bleach blonde hair, the HOT weather. and mainly, cousin time. we all know how much i seriously love my cousins, and seeing Briana is long overdue. ♥ missing her like crazy, but the amount of days until i see this babe are getting shorter and shorter!

oh how i can't WAIT to see her again!

it's been one of... those weeks. where you have a lot of good moments but also a lot of bad. not trying to add in the drama here but we all know what those are like. am i right?

happy last day of the worst month of the year!
and welcome February.  it could be a long month. but let's not get into that one.

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