Sunday, February 3, 2013

some news

 sweater: XX1, parachute pants: Target, booties: XX1, watch: Nordstrom

so a few posts ago i mentioned i had some wonderful news to share! Briana and i are going to New York! our parents surprised us with the news of our senior trip a few weeks ago and we are SO EXCITED! neither of us have been, so it should be super fun to walk the streets of New York City for our first times, together.

right when my parents told me, my dad said, "sooooo Keen, what do you want to do there?" so i responded how any girl would who is going to NYC for her very first time. "shopping, shows, shopping, and more and more and more shopping." and my dad, being the cute little dad that he is, says "Keen why would you need to go shopping there. there is a mall down the street from our house."

oh dad. because shopping in Orem, Utah is totally the same thing as shopping in NYC. yeahhhhh no. nice try dad, we'll be shopping our booties off while you hold our bags ;) HA!

so there's my big news! 
we leave on June 26, 143 days!

and i would just like to wish you all a happy Super Bowl Sunday. i can't wait to watch it! oh wait, i'm not.the Horton's just aren't much of a... "Super Bowl watching" type of family. so we're enjoying the day celebrating Kylie's 9th birthday! can't believe that little girl is already almost 9. craaazzzyyy


  1. I work in NYC & I can vouch for the shopping-it's better than anywhere :)

  2. thats so exciting.
    and nyc will be way fun.
    love your sweater.


  3. I totally want to go with you. We'll meet up there k? deal.

  4. YAY!! okay i srsly have a list of places for you to go. i went last year and it was life changing. email me!!