Tuesday, February 5, 2013

kylie's birthday celebration!

 as of tomorrow, my little Kylie will be 9 years old! i can't believe it! i love this girl to death, and because we love her so much, we decided to celebrate her birthday last night with a little bowling.

i'm kind of terrible at bowling, it's pretty sad. i had a score of 36 for 3 turns in a row... because my mom said no bumpers. i guess i need practice? we'll work on that... ASAP.

happy 9th Ky! she even got EXACTLY what she wanted. chicken n' biscuit crackers. her favorite snack, 2 large boxes. what little girl asks for crackers for her birthday?? this cutie of course! + we got Brick Oven after bowling. which is always bonus. cause who doesn't love that amazing pasta bar am i right? i tried their spinach linguine last night; prime i tell you.

happy Tuesday! looking forward to round 2 of the bachelor tonight. love me some late night drama with Tierra whom everyone hates. right? right. i especially just love when i can watch it with my girl friends :) OH. and just the fact that Sean is the bachelor. SUCH A BABE. i love you Sean. i love you

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