Saturday, March 16, 2013

because im a slacker

lots of photos from the past 2 days!

Thursday was another soccer game, so me and my #1 fan Hanni decided to go watch! it was BEAUTIFUL outside on Thursday! after a long winter, the sun came out and the weather was super warm! such a perfect day for a soccer game! 

yesterday was quite the day! skipped 3rd period with my main boy Branson, to enjoy Costco samples and Cafe Fresh. i thought the fresh carrot juice might be good. it wasn't...

endured a 5 mile run after school, then joined my lovely ladies to dinner at Cubby's for Hannah's birthday! i have never been to Cubby's until now, and boy it was good! grilled chicken wheat sandwich with avacado/lettuce/tomato. delicious

enjoyed lots of cousin time, since my cute little cousins are staying with us for the week! this is Avery, and she is cute as can be. love her to death

headed to a crazy party at BYU later that night, and happened to run into Arie from the Bachelorette last season! he was getting swarmed by girls, but luckily i snagged a picture! what a babeeeeee

David, Josh, and i stayed with Hannah until midnight so we could wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love this girl to death! which is why we are doing even more celebrating tonight!

it's also my little brother Marcus' birthday today! and we will be doing lots of celebrating for that tomorrow with family! can't believe that cute boy is already 11 years old.

happy Saturday everyone! im having a great weekend myself over here, hope you are too!

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  1. You did NOT meet Ari?! I am so jealous! He is such a babe xoxo