Sunday, March 17, 2013

the 11 year old birthday boy

what a birthday weekend! so much celebration going on over here. Hannah's 18th, Marcus's 11th, + today was St Patties day! even though this isn't a big celebrated holiday, i still sport my green every year!

we celebrated Marcus's birthday today, because it's the only day the whole family has together without other conflicts {besides church. and the 3 farewells/homecomings i attended today. so much church!} we had dinner + presents + dessert with the whole fam! which is the way we usually celebrate our birthdays. mom makes whatever you want, and both sets of grandparents + a few cousins/aunts&uncles come enjoy with us!

we've had extra cousins staying with us this weekend. my aunt and uncle are in Hawaii so Trey, Kaden, and Avrey spent the weekend at the Horton home! 9 kids running around here and my mom manages to stay alive with a clean house, lots of food on the table, and a smile on her face. she's a saint, that one

homemade lettuce wraps + noodles for dinner and presents//dessert for mr 11!

tomorrow is back to school. back to reality and back to homework. which i suprisingly have none of, and it's the end of the term. this doesn't usually happen?

and here are some green nails. more supporting of this Irish holiday

hope everyone had a fabulous St Patrick's day! happy happy Sunday

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