Sunday, April 7, 2013

spring break // st george

a getaway with my girlfriends for a week off of school was the most relaxing and wonderful thing in the world. i love being with these girls! and being in the sunshine for a week made it all the better.

we left on Sunday afternoon, and arrived that night around 8. Meg and her mom were the cutest little hosts in the world, and welcomed us with treats and the most amazing condo ever! straight from Pinterest.

^^^ our place!

we explored the pools at our condo on Sunday night {we had 3. one huge one, and 2 medium!} and also headed to the Dixie rock {a nightly event}

meg and i started off the morning with a run {we got lost too! ha!} but we killed 4 miles, and walked 2. which was necessary if we were going to be stuffing our face full of delicious Easter candy leftovers and Ann's {Meg's mama} delicious desserts.

and a day in the sun, of course. laying out, swimming, and for dinner: Poncho & Lefty's. an amazing Mexican restaurant! and for dessert: Nielsen's Frozen Custard! which is some really great ice cream. yum.

another night at Dixie rock, and stumbled upon some guitar and piano players in a tunnel. we sang songs for an hour until 1am with these funny college boys.

another run with meg, and relaxing at the pool in the 80 degree weather!

and coming home to fresh fruits + veggies for lunch. Ann is the greatest i tell you.

in the garage of our condo we found this 6 person bike! we took it out for a spin, and even down a VERY HUGE HILL. there was only one brake, one steering wheel, and one driver. and guess who drove us down the huge hill? ME. scariest thing! but honestly so much fun

 we finished off Tuesday with shopping at the outlets and a midnight movie.

Kaylee, Emma and i went to the temple in the morning. the other 2 didn't bring their recommends, but since we remembered them we took advantage and decided to do baptisms at a temple we have never done them at before!

more laying out and swimming. {wednesday was the hottest day of the week! and the day we all looked the most like lobsters. but that's the best part! i think :) } we tested out a new pool everyday!

for lunch we went to Mongolian BBQ! 

we saw Safe Haven {my 3rd time! i'm in love.} in the afternoon, then had dinner, hot tubbin', and more adventures at Dixie rock with some new boys! seniors from Salt Lake. laughing and talking and bad quality candid pictures until 2 am.

we were supposed to leave in the afternoon, but after deciding we wanted to go to Zions {and not realizing how long it takes to get there} we decided to stay until Friday morning!

it was most of our first times in Zions {except Emma's!} and we absolutely loved it! we hiked Emerald pools, and took plenty of pretty pictures under waterfalls!

Thursday was finished off with hot tubbin' and meeting more cute boys. we are kind of boy crazy.

we left on Friday morning and i was so sad to say goodbye! i had the time of my life, and was happy enough to come home with a tan. {my goal! a tan.} i love these girls! we made some of the best memories in St. George and i will never forget them! and Ann, the greatest host in the whole wide world, wanting to hear every detail about what we were up to, the cute boys, and always concerned about us getting sunburned. she's the greatest and so nice to provide us with this vacation! a second mom :)

it's pretty sad, because we all know graduation is just right around the corner, and even though we know we will keep in touch, we will all go our separate ways. going to different schools, some going on missions, etc. i will cherish our memories we have made over the past years in high school together.

and this isn't even the end of my spring break! {cousin time. of course} be back soon!

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