Monday, April 8, 2013

general conference weekend

so happy i got to spend general conference weekend with my favorite people! Mia Caleb Kylie and i took the Anderson kids {except Marcus and Jacob. those slackers} to their first session of general conference actually in the conference building!

we were lucky enough to have the adventure of taking the frontrunner + trax up to SLC. and even had the adventure of having to wait 80 minutes to get home! quite the wait on empty stomachs. so we walked around barefoot singing Les Mis songs searching for a bathroom and ditching our 5 inch heels

 ^^^ lots and LOTS of people at the conference center!

we went to the Saturday morning session. for the other 3 sessions we enjoyed them in our pj's! which is the best part about conference, right?

during the priesthood session on Saturday night, we hosted Alexis' bridal shower! my mom did a wonderful job setting up for it and gathering cute cute decorations. we had good chats and watched Lex open her many gifts. her and Tanner and the cutest thing in this world. can't wait for their wedding!

conference was amazing. hearing what our living prophets and apostles have to say to me makes me want to try harder and harder each day. words can't even express the love i have for Heavenly Father and His amazing Gospel.

by far one of the most relaxing weeks in the whole wide world. i can't even tell you how sad i was to kiss it goodbye at 5:30 am this morning when my alarm went off for mission prep.

cheers to a brand new week. let's hope it's a good one! 

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