Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 things

1)  here is a little preview of Powell! {kissing picture. *give me all the crap you want, I think we're precious :)*} I haven't gotten all the pictures back, but we sure did take lots! as soon as I get them back though... they'll be posted. it was such a fun week with ma freeeends
2)  I got 2 new pairs of shoes. {Ty bought me one!} and I keep looking for ways to get out of the house so I can wear them! *stupid tailbone injury*
3)  speaking of that, I am recovering pretty fast! faster than I thought at least. I have already been to the mall once, {shopping addict probs} Tyler's house 3 times, and target! yes I am proud.
4)  Mia and my dad are at girls camp right now. 1/2 of me really misses it and wishes I was there, 1/2 of me says good riddance
5)  I GOT MY TEETH IN. after 6 years of braces, retainers, and 3 separate surgeries of bone grafts and metal rods, I finally have my permanent teeth in f o r e v e r. do I love them? am I satisfied? am I thrilled I am finally done? YES.
6)  Tyler hasn't left my side since I have been home from the hospital. he is the best
7)   I currently have an obsession for fresh raspberries from my garden. with grapenuts for breakfast? everyday.
8)  Tyler started his mission papers on Sunday. I can't even expand on that subject. bittersweet.
9)  I went from non-stop vacationing for an entire month, to no more vacations the whole summer, AND I am bed ridden. ummmmm yuck.
10)  the perk I have to being on the couch all day: an excuse to watch the office with my boy, AND gossip girl. and movies. I love movies :)

happy Wednesday!


  1. Glad recovery time is going well and you have good company!!

  2. Crap about 2 people in love and not afraid to show it. Yea you're not gonna get that from me by far. It's cute as can be. sorta makes me jealous but I know in due time and all this waiting i'm doing. I'll truly have what I want. Take advantage of it girl. :D

    Would love for you to stop by some time and say hello.

  3. Relax and take the recovery slowly. And I love that you are a Gossip Girl fan! I loved that show. :)

  4. You guys are adorable.
    Glad you're recovering fast! The office, probably one of the best shows out there.;)

  5. Holy Crap you guys are gorgeous! :) Get Better Quickly! :)
    (My Blog::

  6. You and Tyler are absolutely the cutest thing, ever. I'm glad you're recovering quickly! I haven't watched Gossip Girl in ageeeeeeeeeeeeeees but I'm 100% addicted to Vampire Diaries, so I can understand! :)