Monday, July 15, 2013

surgery round 3

well, it was my 3rd surgery, so what much else can be new. right? {2nd surgery here}
the bone had grown back into another bone spur, and the only thing they can do for me, is remove it. 3rd time is the charm and we are crossing our fingers it doesn't grow back AGAIN!

Friday morning mom and I left for Primary Children's {my first time having a surgery there! I've had one at AF and Timp as well. they were so nice there though, they even gave me a cute blanket to take home!} we talked with a bunch of nurses until I got in my gown and got an IV started in my hand

this time around I got to actually WALK into the operating room while I was still awake! it was actually really cool. and my RN/nurse, Gary, even let me choose the music I wanted to play while I was having my surgery! which doesn't really matter, since I was asleep. but they put on Imagine Dragons {and I love their music!}

I already had my IV in, so they had me lay on the operating table. there were HUGE lights above me, and I was surrounded by SO MANY INSTRUMENTS. kinda freaky. another nurse introduced herself, they held my hands and said I would sleep well, and I don't remember anything else

I woke up with lots of pain {pain scale, 9} but they gave me lots of medicine and let me relax for a few hours while the pain level went down. I was supposed to stay the night there, but my pain level went down quite a bit and they didn't have to put in a drain like they thought, so I got to leave around 6:30 after they made sure I could keep down liquids and go to the bathroom!

I am blessed with the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. Tyler welcomed me home and hasn't really left my side since then. he gets me anything I need, and lays around all day with me watching movies//tv {since that's all I can really do!}. he even tucks me in for bed at the end of the day, and even bought me a welcome home present. he is the best, and I couldn't ask for better

the pain is decreasing slowly, and I even took a shower yesterday! which is a big step. I also sat up to eat a meal yesterday for dinner with Tyler and my fam! which was also big. + I took my bandage off yesterday and got to see the incision!

thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for all the nice comments! i am feeling better already :) i just can't wait to sit down regularly again.


  1. I'm glad you're doing better, i hope it continues to get even better :)

  2. Sending good thoughts your way! I hope you have a veryyyyyyy speedy recovery! :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better!

    and Girrrrrl you are rockin that hospital gown!
    haha you even look cute going into surgery!!

  4. Feel better! That's so sweet of your boyfriend to be there for you. <3

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