Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 things on my mind

 ^^^ a couple pictures from pioneer day! the fam and I spent the day together up at Bridal Veil Falls, eating Jimmy Johns sandwiches and exploring the falls.

1  ||  yesterday I applied for a part time CNA job at the hospital! which is really exciting for me. so everyone pray for me. I need it real bad

2  ||  I also got a full time job yesterday, and I start tomorrow! I am working for my neighbor, and I am mostly just thrilled because I will soon see a paycheck again, which I haven't seen one of those since MAY. yikes

3  ||  Tyler cut his hair yesterday. missionary haircut style. not only did he cut just his hair, but he cut off his solepatch too. which is crazy because he has had it for a whole year! have no fear, we saved the hair in a little box. it will be missed, and it will be buried.

4  ||  watermelon. I just can't get enough

5  ||  this month I hit an all time record on my blog. you guys are the best and i am definitely feelin the love. and even though that's not the reason I blog, it is still pretty awesome. *and thank you for all the sweet comments! they sure make my day.


  1. I love that last hiking family picture, so cute! I am a new reader here and really enjoyed your NYC post! I went last week and loved it! I will have to blog about it soon as well.

    1. oh and my blog is:
      in case you want to check it out!

    2. thank you so much! you are so sweet :) thanks for following along!

      xo, keena

  2. Love reading you blog! Turns out I was close to you. It's a big deal 'cuse I live in Canada... Thanks for letting me join your city on Pioneer Day!