Thursday, July 25, 2013

3 months

we kind of celebrate a lot, Tyler and I. we love going on dates // going out to eat together. okay maybe we just love spending money together...

it was our 3 month anniversary on Tuesday, and although it is only 3 months, it means a lot to us and we found it good reason to celebrate! we only get so many anniversary's to celebrate together before Tyler is gone on his mission, so of course we should just celebrate everything ;)

we had free movie tickets, so we decided to see Grown Ups 2. dumbest movie we have ever seen, we walked out, haha. we walked around in the Riverwoods taking pictures, until it was our reservation time!

we ate at Tucanos! it was my very first time!

 ^^^ amazing food!

after eating, we headed up to Sundance, waited in the hour long line with the rest of Utah, then enjoyed the full moon lift ride together!

my favorite person to be with and we had the most perfect night together!
happy 3 months Ty! here's to a million more ♥


  1. You guys are so cute together! Congrats on 3 months!

  2. just came across your super sweet...congrats on three months!