Monday, July 1, 2013

a perfect celebration

tyler planned the most perfect day together to celebrate 2 months.

kayaking at the lake, sack lunches + snacks, getting fancy, and making an entire meal for me without me knowing. I came in to a candlelit dinner w/ roses and can you feel the love tonight playing, and a full on meal he made! {including, homemade chocolate covered strawberries... how cute is he.} little romantic gentleman. the day we spent together was perfect. I couldn't ask for anyone better :)

also, yes I realize my eyes are squinty in this picture. not closed, but squinty. thank you Horton genes

i'm back from NYC! the 5 days we spent there were AMAZING, and I just wish I could go back and relive them. I have lots of stories to share, and plenty of pictures from the amazing city and the things we did! I will be back to post them as soon as I edit all 400 of them *beware*

happy JULY. my favorite month of the summer, with my ALL TIME favorite holiday! woo hoo!


  1. Your pictures are adorable & you two look so happy! Also you're surprise date is every girls dream. You have a great one, don't let him go.

    xo. Kailagh