Sunday, July 21, 2013

my sister, mia

 ^^^ us at our fabulous family reunion today. thank you Caleb the photographer. also my legs look really tan in these pictures. woo!

she is one of my very best friends, my sister. Mia is there for me all the time. I can tell her everything and I know she will listen, and always give me good advice. she was gone at girls camp this week and I missed her like crazy. the moment she pulled up in the drive way I walked like a turtle  ran out there *tailbone probs* and gave her the biggest hug in the world. I missed her jokes and her being around the house. Mia and I have so many inside jokes, that usually I can just mouth one word to her and we both die of laughter :)

D E A R   M I A,
I will miss you when I move out in just under 40 days. I will miss sharing a room for you, like we have for our entire lives. I will miss late night chats, and you jumping over to my bed after midnight on a school night. I will miss café rio runs, and shopping for hours at Gap together spending all of our money, then going to Target and spending more money on crap we don't need. I will miss going to the gym everyday with you, and watching movies in our room *safe haven, the vow, life as we know it* {those are some of our favs.}

I love you raspberry // abe lincoln // mallard // moo cow
and don't worry. I will visit you ALL THE TIME.

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