Sunday, July 21, 2013

pretty pink dress and a really happy lady

 jacket: H&M, dress: Gap
life is wonderful. there is nothing I can complain about!

I have recovered from tailbone surgery faster than I thought I would, I get to spend everyday, ALL day with my favorite boy Ty, I got this dress for $65 cheaper than it originally was, and I just made muddy buddies which is my favorite treat to make. I even made it through the first hour of church today which is really a big step for me considering I got surgery a week ago. Tyler and I also signed up for institute {we have already been to one class!} which has been really good, and we get to go more this week. we signed up for mission prep and I am so giddy about it!
I was about to make a pros and cons list for this post. until I realized there aren't many cons because I am lovin everything life has offered me lately! I am content, I am happy, and I am loving lately.
happy sunday!


  1. why did you have tailbone surgery? I had to ask sorry. Never heard of that.

    glad you're recovering fast! i think another blogger had something done tail wise b/c she said she could sit on her ass for days but was too embarrassed to say what it was. you werent by no means. Way to go.

    Love the maxi dress on you. and i love the color. pink is my fave color. esp hot pink.

    1. i have had surgery 3 times, it was fractured and unfortunately keeps growing back! hopefully this is the last i will have.

      xo, keena

  2. Such a cute dress you look amazing!! I am so glad the recover has gone well so you can enjoy what is left of summer!

  3. happy to read your recovery is going great! your outfit is cute! i've been into maxi dresses/skirts lately, even though i'm short. haha. hope you had a wonderful sunday!