Sunday, September 1, 2013

dorm room decor + lately things

I'M MOVED OUT! it's crazy. i have my own place! briana and i have spent SO MUCH TIME decorating // organizing // moving things it's insane. but i have been loving it! i'm definitely in love with the new set up, and the fact that we can decorate our room however we please. i printed over 300 pictures to hang on the walls and put in frames... and boy do i love them.
 ^^^ only like 50 of the pictures! i was hanging them all today, and ran out of putty... so the other 250 will be hung sometime this week! but it's lookin pretty snazzy eh?

 ^^^ my desk! jewelry plates, candles, frames, nail polish... etc. i love it

and here are some pictures of some things i did this weekend!
 ^^^ tyler and i kayaked down provo river! i fell in twice. THAT was freaking scary... but i survived!

 ^^^ briana and i at the freshman orientation down at BYU on friday. call us cougs baby!

^^^ my FIRST inn-n-out trip since my vegetarian days. got me a nice protein style burger. HELLOOO yum

happy sunday! i have spent mine at my new YSA ward down at BYU... and now i'm back at my house eating with the fam. Briana and i have yet to sleep at our place, but we plan to this week!

and welcome September! i can't believe you're already here. bring me some colorful autumn leaves please!

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