Tuesday, September 3, 2013

my first day of college

it was kind of surreal to wake up this morning in my dorm. last night was my first night sleeping in my dorm with Briana, and it was quite the adventure! tyler came over again last night to check out the new place with all the decorations up, then him, Briana, and i watched the titanic (for my first time!) and ate SLAB pizza during the rainstorm. it was a good night, and i'm starting to really like this having our own place thing. i really couldn't even sleep last night because my mind was racing at these changes.

until the end of October, i will only have one class on Tuesday's. i went to my nutrition class this morning as my very first class as a college kid at BYU. i feel all grown up! i feel like i have to be really responsible now too...

and even though i woke up late, missed breakfast (hence... my apple), got lost, and forgot a notebook on the first day, i think it will be a really good year.


  1. Happy first day!! It will only get better :) Enjoy it!

  2. Happy first day, lady! Enjoy it! It passes by quickly! I'm on my last semester and I can hardly believe it!

  3. Happy first day!! If it makes you feel any better Jeff wrote down the wrong day for his first day of med school...the school called us while we were sitting at an Oakland A's game wondering if he was still coming!!! Luckily things got better...good luck!!