Friday, September 27, 2013

on the tandem bike ride

so Tyler and i had a little bike ride on Wednesday. we rented a tandem bike for the afternoon // night and despite there being a massive rain storm at around 6:00, we had the greatest time ever! we rode from BYU, down the hill, past riverwoods, and all the way up the canyon (got stuck in the rainstorm and waited under a pavilion for about 30 minutes) then finished our trip by riding back down the canyon and all the way up to my house.

ANNNNDDDD on our little adventure we passed these little beauties! it made us sooo excited for October (which is in a few days!!) and all the halloween festivities coming up. if only we could have carried a pumpkin with us on a bike, we would have brought one home.

if only there wasn't rain, and i could have captured a picture of us on that cute little bike.

i can not express in words how happy i am it is friday. studying for exams all week has gotten wicked stressful and, i am ready for some sleeping in + a football game. happy weekend babaaayyyy!


  1. AH! The pumpkins! I cannot wait until October makes its way into my life. It's time. I'm due for another Halloween, damnit. These pictures have made me uncontrollably excited... can you tell?

    xo Ashley

  2. Keena!

    I just found your blog via the style linkup! I love pumpkin patches, my boyfriend and I are going next weekend, I can't wait! What beautiful pictures :) I love Fall- new follower here!