Thursday, September 19, 2013

on a wednesday at the falls

after i finished class yesterday around 3, tyler came over with some firewood + a blanket and suggested we head up the canyon. grabbed me some booties and a jacket and we drove up provo canyon!
^^^ trail walkin! ^^^

we really wanted some red and orange leaves to be up there. but i guess mother nature aint havin that. the air was crisp and cold though, so you can tell fall is on it's WAY! which makes us both super giddy.

we took some pictures together at bridal veil falls, and walked around the trails. even had ourselves a mini photoshoot on the bridge. and here is just a preview1000 pictures taken by tyler...

and here is the studly man himself

we finished up at the falls, and drove to vivians park. and even though our lighter almost ran out, we got a nice little fire started (yeah. we rock.) and called it good.

perfect wednesday night 

and hello thursday! you are one of my favorite days of the week. mostly because i have one (!!!!!) class and it's over by 10:45. not that i don't have a ton of homework... but it's like school in bed. sooo awesome right?


  1. That definitely sounds like a perfect Wednesday! :)

    Friday is my fave day - for the same reason as you! I have one lecture, starting at 10am and finishing at 10.50am.

    BEST. DAY. EVER. Three day weekend!

  2. Oh look gorgeous! You guys are the cutest!

  3. you two are the cutest things ever!!

  4. you two are the cutest things ever!!