Saturday, September 21, 2013

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^^^  it's cute as can be when my siblings come running to hug me when i walk in the door. i've been missed! is still go home all the time from my dorm, and i love that i can still see my fam all the time.

^^^  what's better than a cafe rio pork salad after a long school day? really though. it hits the spot. AND sometimes nan and i don't see each other all day because of classes... so getting some food together is really the best!

^^^  tyler and i went to a tailgate party (for the big rivalry game this weekend! BYU vs UofU baby) for his dad's work yesterday. i had my FIRST jdawgs! awesome right? gotta love it. i'm not a hot dog fan... but i had to have it because i have never had one. and yes i am wearing purple pants. red... blue... they make purple. get it? i totally made that up though and didn't dress in my BYU attire for the event... haha!

^^^ and i am THAT bored walking home from school that i take selfies. it's a long walk guys.

and today is GAME DAY! tonight at 8:00 my friends. still on the hunt for a ticket for my boy so we can go together... if we can't find one we'll be on the couch watching it on the tv with a massive bowl of treats.

guys happy weekend! happy saturday! happy no school! happy sleep in! WOO! (im a happy girl)


  1. haha love this. i'm not a fan of hot dogs at ALL but I do like jdawgs. soooo did you like it?!

  2. I want a Cafe Rio salad...So I was going to tell you Jeff's brother Peter served in the same mission that your friend Sister Snow just got called too!! A pretty interesting place but if she or her mom has questions I am sure Jeff's mom would talk to them.