Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 things

 plaid + bow shirt: XXI / jeans: American Eagle / booties: Target / jewelry: Etsy, Nordstrom, NYC

1)  loving every bit of fall before WINTER hits. in love with fall clothing. it is my very favorite season to dress for by far! Utah, i can't believe you haven't snowed yet. this is monumental for Utah weather guys.

2)  in case you do not follow me on Instagram i will announce it here as well. i work in the MTC and i SAW Elder Peery, the day before he took off for AZ. it was the craziest thing ever. i had gone out to get a patient, and when i looked up, there he was by the reception area. he looked up because he heard my voice! we didn't talk to each other, we just smiled. it was cool, but it was hard. i have missed that smile already.

3)  as if having 4 pairs of booties isn't enough, i ordered more. HA. i love them, what can i say.

4)  my parents announced to us that we will be heading down to St. George for Thanksgiving! totally looking forward to that week of pure relaxation with my family.... AND a pool. thankkkk youuuuu mom and dad.

5)  forcing myself to go to the library these days to study more, and study harder. the semester is coming to an end my friends! it is seriously awesome. yet freaky at the same time because the thought of finals comin up in December? holy yikes.

6)  nobody can stop my flannel obsession. i own a LOT and i am totally okay with it. it's a daily thing now.

7)  christian and i saw "city of bones" yesterday in the dollar theater. weirdest movie ever. i love movies though, so it was fun to go. i personally can't wait for "hunger games: catching fire" to come out next week. woooo hoo!

8)  everyday while walking home from class i walk past the mail room to check for a letter from Tyler. yesterday i got a letter, and along with the letter there was more. i tell Tyler all the time that i am the worlds biggest Disney fan and now he is testing my knowledge with a quiz that him and his companions made!! it is wicked hard but i am determined.

9)  today i am working in the MTC again, and i have finally received my name tag! guys, i am official. i am an MTC employee *even though i have been here for 4 months now.*

10)  after having hardly any food in my dorm... my {wonderful and amazing} mother, who i adore, took me grocery shopping. and now i can finally eat dinner and not starve :)

happy thursday! tomorrow is friday and i have a fun weekend ahead of me. AND there is only one more week of school until thanksgiving. plus i took another exam today so i only have 2 more before the break.

school is kind of getting overwhelming... can you tell? but that is why tonight... it's me and the temple.

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  1. Those quizzes sound like so much fun! Haha

    I know what you mean when you say university is getting really stressful, so many exams/tests/assignments to worry about! I'm going crazy! But just a few more weeks, hang in there! :)