Tuesday, November 19, 2013

as of late

 ^^^ me and my mini me, Kylie ^^^

^^^ i drew this for Tyler. he is going to love it :) we stand proud as the worlds biggest Disney fans! ^^^

^^^ dinner at Pizza Factory for Quincey's 7th birthday. my siblings are the best. ^^^

 ^^^ Mia and i. we call her Mallard now. thank you to Tyler who came up with that nickname! ^^^

 ^^^ bowlers. i am terrible at bowling (no... like wayyyy terrible. it is pretty embarrassing when you can't make it above 100 and all of your siblings beat you. but HEY! i got a strike. so what's up.) but i have fun trying! ^^^

 ^^^ my countdown. 710 days to go! ^^^

 ^^^ sleepovers with the peery girls! stealing keen's phone and taking selfies ;) ^^^

^^^ from Tyler. #officelovers #strategolovers ^^^

nothing much is new, just keeping busy with school and homework and getting wicked excited for thanksgiving break! which i am totally counting down the days until it gets here. St George is just callin my name baby.

i did get to chat with Elder Peery over email yesterday for his very first P-day in the mission field! that was exciting, and we luckily get to do that every week. which is literally going to be the best thing ever. 

happy tuesday! 

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