Monday, December 30, 2013

at the iced over / frozen lake

i mean, it was so sunny we couldn't see much, but the pictures turned out cute! the ones you can see our eyes open at least ;) today Briana + Kenzie + Mia + i headed out to Utah lake. earlier this year i also went to the lake with some friends... {see HERE} it was frozen then too! it's so fun, and the ice is THICK. so thick that cars can drive on it! {and 4-wheelers! i wish i had one. if i had one i would pull people on a sled behind it. ummm hello FUN.} also it's basically a huge ice skating rink. what's better then that?

^^^ i am a blonde again! finally. thank you to miss Aubrey Heriford and her hair talent.^^^

so fun! freezing... but fun. love the cousin time we have with each other! even if it means freezing our bums off at a frozen lake. but it's an ice skating rink. an ice skating rink that Kenzie slipped tooooo hard on and fell! {hilarious, im tellin ya.}

happy monday! i am cherishing these days at home. and also the last few of 2013! the cousins and i have plans for a fun Gatsby themed party to attend. i can't wait to celebrate the new year! xx


  1. I love going to Utah lake when its frozen! Its gorgeous! GORGEOUS Pics!!

  2. So random, but I'm trying to find where Aubrey works! She cut my hair at Von Curtis years ago when I was astutely at ByU. We are moving back now for business school at BYU and I would love to get her to do my hair, she's the best! Could you email me what salon she is at now? Thanks!! Amanda

    1. hi darling! she is awesome huh? she does hair at a salon in orem right next to costco called Platinum Salon! :)