Wednesday, January 1, 2014

look over 2013 + resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! hello 2014!

well, this has become quite the fun tradition! i love being able to look back over the year and remember all of the fun memories and things that happened. 2013 has been an awesome year {literally, one of the best. without a doubt} and i can't help but think that i didn't have much *bad* happen, but all *good*! i have loved 2013

+ going to Disneyland for preference with my friends!
+ loving the cold weather and making the best of it
+ earning my Young Women's medallion
+ basketball games with friends
+ busy with school and working 2 jobs
+ going to 2 sweetheart dances
+ attending the temple with friends
+ bachelor watching and birthday celebrating with my girls
+ celebrating Ky's birthday
+ finding out that both Briand and i made it in to BYU
+ getting asked to prom with Mia by Tyler and Alex
+ having Briana come down and get all giddy about the Y together
+ Easter with the fam
+ celebrating my dad / Marcus' birthday's
+ going to St. George with my girls for a week for spring break!
+ becoming official with Tyler Peery
+ cousin time
+ going to General Conference in SLC with cousins / fam
+ going to senior Prom with Tyler
+ going to Manti with Tyler and his family
+ getting my senior pictures taken
+ celebrating my 18th birthday with my family and with Tyler
+ graduating seminary
+ graduating my CNA program
+ graduating high school
+ quitting both of my jobs {Macaroni Gill host + 7Circles associate} for the summer
+ going to Seattle for 2 weeks
+ going to Alexis / Tanner's wedding
+ summer lovin with Tyler
+ celebrating 2 months with a surprise cabin trip
+ going to NYC with my girl Nans and our parents
+ celebrating the 4th of July with my family / Tyler
+ summer family reunions
+ hangin with Tyler on the daily
+ getting my 3rd tailbone surgery
+ going to Lake Powell for a week for a senior trip with all my friends!
+ going to Tyler's cabin with him and his family
+ temple trips with Tyler
+ Tyler receiving his mission call to the Gilbert, AZ mission
+ photo-shoot with Tyler
+ lots of canyon trips with Tyler
+ making the most out of the last month of summer
+ getting a job at the BYU Student Health center and the Provo MTC / working full time
+ moving out!
+ starting school at BYU
+ BYU football games
+ one of my besties Kaylee receiving her mission call to the Philippians mission
+ another cabin trip with Tyler and his family
+ spending every last minute possible with my love, Tyler
+ Tyler's mission farewell
+ celebrating Tyler's 19th birthday!
+ celebrating 6 months of dating with Tyler
+ still going to school and keeping busy at BYU
+ kissing my sweet love Elder Peery goodbye for 2 years
+ keeping busy at school / work
+ spending time with friends / family / roomies / Briana
+ going to St. George with the fam for thanksgiving break
+ writing Tyler like crazzzzyyyyy and missing him lots
+ becoming best friends with miss megan horn and hangin 24/7
+ lots of girl time with my roomies Nan, Ang, Angela, Danielle, and V
+ finishing my first semester at BYU / taking finals
+ moving back home for 2 weeks for Christmas
+ temple square with the fam
+ celebrating Christmas with my family / getting to talk to Tyler on Christmas!

what an A W E S O M E year! really, one of the absolute bests. i have accomplished lots, made tons of new friends, been new places, dated a new boy, graduated high school, gotten through another surgery, quit jobs / got new jobs, moved out, started college, and even started my mission papers. such big changes in just one year!

2013, you have been amazing. 

here's to a brand new year! here are a few things i hope to accomplish

my resolutions for 2014
>>  turn in my mission papers and receive my mission call
>>  make it through my 2nd semester at BYU
>>  work lots, save my money, pay for school / mission
>>  stay healthy, work out more, change some bad eating habits
>>  go on a mission for 18 months

let's make 2014 as amazing as 2013, shall we? happy new year!


  1. Happy New Year. seems like your 2013 was a blast! :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing year! Love your blog!

  3. I loved these pictures! Looks like you've come so far & accomplished a lot. And you and your man are just perfect. I love you two!!